Extra Valueable Courses

In its broad sense any action has a formative effect on the mind, character and physical ability of an individual. Education is the process by which society transmits its accumulated Taalim, knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another. Hence we are doing our best to give good quality education in our schools & colleges.

Diploma in Arabic Course

The course is permitted by the NCPUL, New Delhi. The students of the Arabic department can pursue the course while continuing their Arabic study. The successful candidate is awarded with the degree from the NCPUL, New Delhi. 118 students are enrolled in this course.

The successful candidate is eligible to get admission in the bachelor degree course. Such students can get the job of an Arabic teacher.

Office Automation Course

The computer course is designed for the students of the Jamia. 125 students have enrolled for the course. The students have to attend theory as well as practical training in this course. The computer is a need of the present era. We attempt to train the Arabic students with the latest technology in the market, so that they understand technology and get a decent job.

Tailoring Course

These students are trained to design, do cutting, sewing and finishing etc. The tailoring course is a job oriented course.

Embroidery Course

Embroidery is the art of handicraft of decorating dress material, & other articles.
The course is job oriented. There are many types of embroidery skills like ….free, counted thread, drawn thread etc. These are all taught here.

Book Binding Course

There is a demand to bind books in general in the market. We have installed a machine in the class. The department binds many books of our library, offices, classes etc. by which they are getting enough practical training.

Optic Course

Optometry is an interesting field that has a good market demand. The students are taught to examine eyes and prepare spectacles befitting the customer. The course is equipped with relevant Machinery and materials  and has qualified instructors.