Aims and Objectives

The Jamia Akkalkuwa was started in 1979 in the small town of Akkalkuwa of District Nandurbar in the mid-western state of Maharashtra in India. It sits in the lap of the Satpuda mountain region of Northern Maharashtra, bordering Gujarat state. It is a predominantly Tribal region and has Forest reserve nearby. The Jamia Akkalkuwa campus located here, with its many humongous buildings catering to the educational and housing needs of approximately 15,000 students, has brought recognition to the place and the community feels proud of it.

Aims and Objectives

To develop our Educational Institute into a world class  institute offering great facilities for its students and staff

To nurture youth and bring them modern and moral education so that there is good will towards all

To  promote peace and international understanding through education.

To expand our educational enterprise using innovative technologies and to spread education to remote and rural areas where underprivileged citizens of the country live.

To foster and encourage Girls education and Adult Education

To link education to jobs so a decent livelihood is possible

To establish relationship of dialogue between different schools of thought so that the “other side” is always heard and to discover truth

To provide supportive structure, encourage positive attitudes and engagement to build an integrated society with high morals contributing to our great nation and  to engage in social work like running hospitals, clinics, hostels, wells and Bore wells etc.