The Jamia Akkalkuwa was started in 1979 in the small town of Akkalkuwa of District Nandurbar in the mid-western state of Maharashtra in India. It sits in the lap of the Satpuda mountain region of Northern Maharashtra, bordering Gujarat state. It is a predominantly Tribal region and has Forest reserve nearby. The Jamia Akkalkuwa campus located here, with its many humongous buildings catering to the educational and housing needs of approximately 15,000 students, has brought recognition to the place and the community feels proud of it.


We are committed to providing an equal opportunity for all deserving students without discrimination of caste, religion, sex  or region and to offer scholarships for needy students for the duration of their study.

We are committed to the recruitment of capable, devoted, well experienced, skilled, knowledgeable and focused persons as Faculty staff and to  provide all possible facilities (like staff quarters, interest free loans, personal and their children’s scholarships etc.) and reasonable pay as well as create an environment that will cater to their intellectual and spiritual development.

We have developed well equipped modernized laboratories, classrooms, libraries (digital library), public amenities and futuristic premises with beautiful gardens, play grounds, gymkhana, telecommunication, bank, cafeterias, consumer stores, 24 hour broad band internet facilities and hostels (boys & girls) to cope with world class standards.

We commit to adhering to all standard norms of transparency in working and accountability in financial matters.

We commit to abiding by all Govt. regulations in the working of our institutions.

We are committed to fostering an environment where secular and humanitarian values are upheld and pursued.

We are committed to the launching of innovative ideas and programs for students and accurate and unbiased assessment of students.

we work with MOU with various industries and organisations for the placement of our students.

We invite national and foreign educational institutions to visit us and work with us.