Social Welfare

To serve the Society as well as the community as a
whole is an important need of the Community.

There are many human beings who live without basic necessities.There are many virtues to aid the helpless human beings from the Almighty. Today giving a penny will be the investment for the life of Hereafter and also the reward of helping others in this life too. Help is necessary in reaching the right people. Jamia Akkalkuwa is playing an important role to reach to the needy and helpless human beings on behalf of the Donors.


Most of the villages & towns in India lack basic infrastructure for education like adequate school building & provision of WASH facilities. Jamia has established 260 education centers till now where there were no school buildings & WASH Facilities or inadequate classrooms to promote education for all & to provide basic quality education.

Number of Completed projects 260


India has more people in rural areas- 63.4 million – living without access to clean drinking water than any other country, According to Wild water, State of the World’s Water 2017.

Jamia Akkalkuwa is bringing safe drinking water to India’s far flung areas through its clean drinking water program.

Jamia has completed 6130 projects to provide clean drinking water in 16 states of India through digging, installing & constructing Bore Wells, Water Hand Pumps & Water Tanks respectively.

Total number of completed projects: 6130


Widows condition in India is pathetic. They live alone and in poverty after the death of their husband. In spite of Supreme Court ruling, state govt. are not interested in welfare of widows.

Jamia has running Widow Pension program as per its capacity to support them and improve their quality of live.

At present 1000 poor widows (Beva) are registered in our Widow Pension program. We are making payments to them on a monthly basis via their legal representative/ by hand / by money order through post to their addresses. Apart from this we are helping them by giving special funds to celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan. We are keeping complete account of the beneficiaries

Total number of beneficiary: 1000


Islam is the second largest religion in India with 172 million people as 2011 census.

Islamic community center play a vital & constructive role in promoting humanity, morality, spirituality & providing support to weaker sections of society & making good citizen to the country. Community center provide place for social gathering, mass awareness, community prayer, cultural activities & social issues etc.

Jamia has established 6620 community centers in backward areas for poor people to cater the need of poor communities for social gathering, awareness generation, pre-primary education & developmental activities.

Number of Completed projects 6620


Despite the good economic performance, with over 190.7 million people are undernourished & food insecure in India (FAO Estimates 2017). By this measure 14.5 % of the population is undernourished & food insecure in India. India’s rank in Global Hunger Index 2017 is 100 out of 119 countries.

Jamia has distributed 30000 food kits through their different projects and addressed this challenge as per its capacity but much work remains to be done to eradicate hunger from India.

Total No. of beneficiary for Food Kits: 1,50,000 People


India has the highest number of out of school children in the world. According to UNESCO: 47 million youth of school-going age dropping out of school.

JIIU Akkalkuwa has distributed 10000 school bags to Adivasi students in Tribal areas of Nandurbar District, Maharashtra, to promote primary quality education for all

Total No. of beneficiary : 10,000 Students


Jamia & its founder Maulana Gulam Mohammad Vastanvi is committed to help the poor & needy people without any discrimination.

Jamia successfully distributed of 10000 Food kits along with medicines amongst Bihar flood victims. After that Jamia has again realized the need of warm clothes & Blankets for them who lost everything in flood and were living without houses & clothes, suffering seasonal illness & harsh cold. So Jamia under its welfare department, distributed 3000 clothes kits comprising on 6 clothes & one Blanket for women, children & old age people with the support of generous volunteers, Teachers, Students & well-wishers of Jamia in 14 villages of Araria & Purnia Districts in 2017.

Total No. of beneficiaries : 50,000 People


Vocational education play a vital role in human resource development of the country by creating skilled manpower, increasing employment opportunities & enhancing quality of life.

“According to the occupational profile of India’s workforce, 90% of the workforce population is employed in skill-based jobs, whereas more than 90% had no exposure to vocational education or training.”

Jamia running Vocational training programs for in campus students & out camps or rural students in OPTICAL, BINDING, TAILORING & BEAUTICIAN etc.


There are an estimated 200 million children worldwide that have experienced this loss. Many of these children will come from already disadvantaged backgrounds.

So losing a parent can mean that access to education, the protection of shelter, the sustenance of nutritious meals and the chance for a secure future all become an impossible dream. This is why the responsibility of care for the orphan falls on all of us.

Jamia running a sponsorship program for orphans & 3500 orphans have been benefited from this program.
Scholarship is an incentive as well as encouragement to meritorious students. Jamia gives special emphasis to award scholarships to the students who are pursuing in professional courses keeping in mind their financial condition & social background. This program provide an opportunity to those who were not able to afford the cost of professional courses.

Total No. of beneficiary: 43600 students 3500 orphans